More books by Paul Maguire: Professor Atlas and the Summoning Dagger, Kid in Chief, Professor Atlas and the Jewel of Enlightenment, The Genie Loophole

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About Paul Maguire

PAUL MAGUIRE lives with his three children in New Jersey. After working on the New York Stock Exchange for more than two decades, he decided to shift gears dramatically and pursue his lifelong dream of writing. He started with Professor Atlas and the Summoning Dagger, the adventure story about two boys who join up with their hero, renowned explorer Professor Fielding Atlas, and embark on a roller-coaster ride of fun and excitement. Maguire’s next book was Kid in Chief, a beginning chapter book reader’s story about a third-grader who finds himself sitting in the Oval Office. Maguire followed up with Professor Atlas and the Jewel of Enlightenment, the second installment in what he hopes will be a long series.

When he’s not writing, Paul Maguire prefers to spend his time at the beach, or anywhere else his children might be. Another of his favorite activities is talking to kids about the craft of writing and the importance of reading. He loves to visit classrooms and share his experiences in the magical, creative world of inventing tales that will inspire, educate, and entertain. Maguire is also on the Board of “Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day,” a wonderful initiative that aims to ensure that children across the world will always be able to take advantage of all the wonders that today’s bookstores have to offer. Please visit

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