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ISBN: 9781457557279
92 pages
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Excerpt from the Book

My name is Teddy Rogers. I am nine years old, and I live very close to the beach.

The best time to live near the beach is during the summer, and it happens that this story begins in the summer! It was July 5th, to be exact. On that hot sunny day, I was on the beach collecting the burnt sticks and wrappers littering the sand after the previous night’s Independence Day fireworks celebration. I love the beach, so I hate litter!

My older brother George was playing in the surf with our cousin Bobby and a bunch of their friends, all of whom were thirteen years old. I wanted to play with them, but they told me that I was too young. In fact, George went out of his way to remind me that I wasn’t allowed to go into the ocean without a grownup. That made me feel terrible.